As a 501c3 organzation, the District 51 Foundation (D51F) raises funds for academic growth and achievement while promoting outreach, to benefit kids and community.

Talk about a transformation!

Come see the critically acclaimed documentary about how our world and education has changed over the last 150 years.  This movie reveals the imperative we have to adapt and best prepare our students for the 21st Century!  It is a great way to start a community conversation about what change could look like for us here in D51.

Click on the Movie flier below to register for this free showing.

Movie Flier - 2nd Showing

leave a legacy to future students of mesa county

In Partnership with the Western Colorado Community Foundation (WCCF) and the generosity of a few special donors, we have created a D51 Foundation Endowment!  

What does this mean?  It means that families can now leave Memorial Gifts and leave us in their Estate Plans,  helping our organization support improved student learning in perpetuity.   An endowment is a fund structured so that the principaamount is kept intact while the investment income is available for use by the organization.  It is different than donating to our General Operating Budget, where funds are used in a timely manner for direct services for the School District 51, such as funds for Technology.

By working with the Western Colorado Community Foundation, which serves in this capacity for seven West Slope counties, we are able to rely on their expertise in investment and management.  Many recognize WCCF as the best vehicle for managing charitable legacy gifts to have a long-term positive impact in our community.  Please call 254-5108 for more information and to engage with this wonderful opportunity.

 Want to SepArate Fact from fiction?  Want to become an informed advocate for your child and our school district?  

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